Our translators are divided into two categories: in-house translators and revisers, and independent translators and revisers.


In-house translator/revisers

All our translators hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees in translation from Canadian or foreign universities, or have relevant experience in the particular field. Our translators translate solely into their native languages and in their areas of specialization.

Our translator/revisers harmonize the terminology of all your projects, create translation memories, and build glossaries based on the translations they do. Furthermore, they have reference works at their disposal and are able to answer all your language questions very quickly.


Independent translators/revisers

We have a network of translators covering a wide range of language combinations. Thanks to ongoing selective recruitment, our network of independent translators never stops growing. These translators, who have to take rigorous tests in their areas of specialization, also sign confidentiality and accountability agreements. This very strict selection process allows us to expand our network of qualified and specialized translators. Our independent translators are regularly monitored and frequently evaluated to maintain and guarantee the quality of their work.


Like our in-house translator/revisers, our independent translators, who have degrees in translation, also translate only into their native languages. Because they specialize in specific fields, they can provide translations that are perfectly adapted to your line of business.


For legal documents that require the swearing of oaths before the competent authorities, our sworn translators and notaries are at our customers’ disposal (see other services[MU1] ).

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