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              Overall teacher performance versus student feedback:


                                                           FROM INDUSTRY CANADA

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and valued the support and expertise of you, Kaitlin and the teachers you assigned to me earlier this year. As you know, I scored wonderfully on my three B exams. I was only off my C levels in the written tests by 4 and 5 points! And it was the very first time I took these tests!!!

Your teachers are amazing. Each one has their own unique strengths -- from being a "grammar master" to a "conversation king." Because of their styles, I will never forget words like "dorénavant", "désormais" or terms such as "faire en sorte que"! I will especially never forget that "the problem" in french is masculine and "the solution" is feminine. Of course, me being a woman has a little bit to do with that.) I also greatly appreciated your efforts to schedule me with the teachers I found to be a good fit for my learning style.

Thank you so much for helping me with my achievement. I will most definitely contact you for the next stage in my language learning and when I have to face the testing to score Cs!!
Kind regards.”

 I had the privilege to participate in one-on-one French language training with professors of Quick Learning Group Inc. Through regular sessions over a period of approximately 160 hours, I managed to exceed the requirements of my position as well as my own expectations by achieving exemptions in both the written and oral interaction tests. What I truly appreciated were the diverse backgrounds and approaches of the various members of Silas Lenos' team, as well as their positive encouragement and assistance. K. Walker, Public Safety Canada. »


                                         FROM SERVICES PARTAGES, CANADA,MANJUSTRI WELIKALA,

Early this year, I attended classes at Quick Learning Group, for a few months. I was preparing for the French Oral Test, to obtain my level CBC. First and foremost let me mentioned; my stay at New Hope was both enjoyable and productive. Firstly because I managed to obtained the levels required, and also because I enjoyed tremendously my time at the school. The first major change I noticed was the willingness of the school administration to create a schedule appropriate for the individual student concerned. This enabled me to follow a study program designed according to my needs specifically. Secondly, I noticed that all the Professors were

quite up-to-date with not only the knowledge and methods of teaching, but also with the expectations of the examiners for different grading levels. Therefore, they were able to tailor the study program according to the level required by the particular student. Last, but not least; let me mentioned of my impressions of the teachers I met at the school. I always felt that they were genuinely interested in my success and they were not there merely to cover the number of hours. All in all, it was a quite fruitful and enjoyable learning experience.

Manjusri Welikala.

                                                   MIKE FROM TRANSPORT CANADA , MIKE BOUCHARD,

When I was directed to QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC from my official languages department at Transport Canada, I felt that this was my last chance to achieve a level B for oral communication in French. I had taken the test twice before and both times, I was disappointed in only receiving a level A.

From the very first session with QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC, I was extremely impressed with the obvious excitement and charisma that the Director of the school, Silas Leno, displayed as well as the encouraging words and strategies that he had for me. The teachers assigned to my training quickly identified my

weaknesses and strengths; they were able to provide me with strategies to combat the weaknesses and to enhance my strengths in order to find success in my next exam.

By the final week of my training, my confidence level with French conversation had become stronger than I had ever imagined. In fact, I looked forward to my final sessions so that I could learn as much as I could before my training period was complete. Since I had been treated with such respect by the teachers, I believe that I worked extra hard to impress them.

The final day of my training and the day before my exam the Director, Silas, made sure that I looked at the exam as a celebration of my new-found knowledge and he gave me even more strategies to think about to feel comfortable in the exam. The day of the exam, one of the teachers who I spent the most time with, Albert, made every effort to make sure that I was comfortable and ready to take the test. He met me in the morning to converse with me and get my language motor running. He even walked me to the testing center and waited with me before the examiner called me in. This type of support is really above and beyond the call of duty, so I was very appreciative.

When I received the results and achieved Level B, I couldn‟t wait to send the news to Silas and Albert at QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC as I knew they were waiting as I was for these results.

I know that without a doubt, QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC provided me with everything that I needed to achieve my goal.

Mike Bouchard

System Analyst

Transport Canada


Thank you very much for the opportunity to have learned at your school. It was a wonderful experience for me and although I would like to stay and learn more from my teacher, I also feel like I am in a great position to start group with the foundation I have learned at your school.

Being a student at the Quick Learning Group was a wonderful experience. Despite only being at the school for four weeks I learned a tremendous amount that will form the foundation for my further group instruction. The school was very professional and the facilities were comfortable. I have the most to say about my instructor who was absolutely amazing! She had exceptional qualifications and experience as a French grade school teacher. Within a few days she understood my learning style and adapted her teaching methods to correspond. I was amazed at how adept my instructor was at understanding my learning style and completely answering all of my questions. I will be recommending this school to my colleagues.

Nicole Allegri,
Service correctionnel du Canada

                                               FROM TRANSPORT CANADA, NABDELALI ABDESSADEK,

« Après seulement un mois d‟apprentissage intensif de langue anglaise au sein de Quick Learning Group Inc, j‟ai pu décrocher mon niveau C en interaction orale. Auparavant, j‟ai passé neuf mois dans une autre école de formation linguistique.

Selon ma propre expérience, je crois fortement que votre approche qui, en plus d‟être une approche gagnante, était très appropriée à mon apprentissage. D‟abord, il y a l‟importance que vous accordez au côté humain dans votre milieu de travail. C‟est ce que j‟ai pu constater chez vous en personne, chez mes professeurs et chez vos collaborateurs. Dans le même ordre d‟idées, il y avait également les conseils psychopédagogiques prodigués par mes deux professeurs et par vous-même. Ces conseils consistaient à m‟aider à reprendre confiance en mes capacités. Je saisis ici l‟occasion pour remercier de façon

particulière mes deux professeurs qui m‟ont accompagné durant cette expérience et les conseils qu‟ils n‟ont cessés de m‟offrir. Le deuxième élément que j‟aimerais souligner est l‟autonomie. En fait, vous n‟avez ménagé aucun effort pour mettre à ma disposition le matériel pédagogique nécessaire qui m‟a donné une grande liberté dans mon apprentissage. Quant au dernier élément que j‟aimerais mentionner est celui de la disponibilité et de l‟écoute. En effet, vous étiez toujours présent quand j‟avais besoin de vous. Vous avez aussi répondu favorablement à mes besoins d‟apprentissage.

Ce sont là quelques éléments qui vous distinguent et qui vous procurent un avantage compétitif par rapport aux autres écoles de formation linguistique.
Merci encore pour toute l‟équipe l‟École le Nouvel Espoir.

» Employé de Transport Canada

                                       FROM , TRANSPORT CANADA, FIONA McLEOD, AUGUST 2010

« I did it - I finally got my „C‟ in French oral interaction!
After 8 months full time at another language school and 3 attempts at the „C‟. Quick Learning Group Inc, on a part time basis over 2 months (10 hours a week), had the strategic language tools and psychological support to get me to the „C‟ level. Thank you - I am most appreciative.
Transport Canada employee”


"It is with a great pleasure that I provide this testimonial. I worked with Quick Learning Group Inc to complete my French Writing and Comprehension Exams. After working with the excellent and competent Professors at your school, I was able to

attain level C in both exams within two weeks of hard work. I would like to thank you and your staff for your support and the knowledge you transferred to me. I will not hesitate to recommend your school for other public and private sector employees. The environment, knowledge and teaching methods you have mastered and the levels of success of your students are remarkable".

Thank you
Correctional Service Canada employee / Employé du service correctionnel Canada


“Thank you for QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC team for the fast and efficient service and for accommodating and tailoring my needs to expand my French language in Reading and
Writing. Professor was very professional, knowledgeable, and competent has an advanced level understanding of the

French language, through explanations and many examples we had a chance to review grammar, do practices exercise
and correct areas that needed attention in a very short time frame due to operational requirements by my employer. This enabled my success as I reached my goals. I would recommend this school to any individual or organization regardless of your current level to provide you with structured learning goals to meet your needs.”

Health Canada employee


« Thank you again for the course you provided me to help
me succeed in oral interaction in French!
Quick Learning Group Inc uses the best strategy that I have seen for teaching French to federal public servants. You understood my existing skills in French, my needs and also what I was seeking from my language training. You created a plan that helped me quickly succeed in raising my oral interaction in French to the level I required. Your professors are well qualified to work with public servants and possess a good understanding of the language style used in a government setting.
I look forward to returning to your school to continue to work on my language skills.”

Jeff Brown

Economic Officer / Agent économique
Seaway and Domestic Shipping (ACFS) / Voie maritime et transport intérieur
Transport Canada / Transports Canada
Tel / Tél: 613-998-1854
E-mail / Courriel: jeffrey.brown@tc.gc.ca


“During my language training, I had the opportunity to study at a number of schools, but found that QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC was the only school capable of meeting my personal language goals. The instructors were quick to adapt to my learning needs and worked hard to develop a customized learning plan tailored to my linguistic level and learning style. The instructors were experienced, professional and multi-faceted in their approach to language learning. Mr. Leno and his colleagues not only understood the language but the difficulties in adult second

language acquisition, which I believe is crucial in overcoming the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of learning a second language. In addition, the instructors went far beyond the requirements of the established contract in order to assist me in obtaining my objective. I personally felt that my goals and personal sense of accomplishment were of the highest importance to the school. I would strongly recommend, without hesitation, ELSE to any individual or organization.”

Chris Bullock

Transport Canada Marine Safety / Sécurité maritime, Transports Canada
Place de Ville (AMSEH), Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N8 Fax/télécopier: (613) 993-8196

Email / Courrier électronique: christopher.bullock@tc.gc.ca


“My experience with l'École de languesQuick Learning Group Inc(QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC) was definitely a positive one. My instructor was truly a pleasure to work with. He was very encouraging, knowledgeable, and very patient. His style of teaching suited my way of learning. He was enthusiastic and very practical, giving good tips and pointing out where I was making errors.
Never before had I realized where I was going wrong and why, and because of his ability to point out those errors and correct me, I was able to achieve the level I wanted in French! I will always be eternally grateful to QUICK LEARNING GROUP INC for assigning a good teacher to my class!”

Angelina Arlotta

Team Leader | Chef d'équipe
Human Resources Services Directorate |

Direction des services en ressources humaines. Corporate Services Branch |
Direction générale des services de gestion Health Canada | Santé Canada

T: (613) 957-3162
F: (613) 952-4194
E-mail: Angelina_Arlotta@hc-sc.gc.ca

                                                                 OCTOBER 2008                                 

“Mr. Leno (Director of Quick Learning Group IncLanguage School Inc) has been providing French lessons to me for several months now and these have proven to very effective. Mr. Leno uses his broad experience to provide a professional approach to learning which accommodates different learning styles. After years of textbook style learning, Mr. Leno‟s multi-faceted approach has allowed me to progress over what had been a seemingly insurmountable barrier. I would recommend Mr. Leno to you and your organization.”

Tim Shearman

President, National Insurance & Automotive Alliances Canadian Automobile Association
1145 Hunt Club Road, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K1V 0Y3

613-247-0117 ex 2010
fax: 613-247-0118 tshearman@national.caa.ca


                                                                SEPTEMBER 2008                             

“We have been using Quick Learning Group Inc Language School Inc, since 2008 and are extremely pleased with the quality of

instruction. I have found that the structure and teaching quality have helped me immensely improve my spoken and written French. I would strongly recommend QUICK LEARNING GROUP INCLS for anyone, regardless of current level, who wants to more effectively use their French at work. Sincerely‟‟

Frank Fotia
Vice-President, National Insurance & Automotive Alliances Canadian Automobile Association
1145 Hunt Club Road, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K1V 0Y3
613-247-0117 ex 2010
fax: 613-247-0118


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