Our subcontracting service offers a skilled, cost-effective workforce for second-language schools in the National Capital Region. Our goal is to

find short- and long-term teaching contracts in the field of language training. Thanks to the rigour of our candidate selection, training and supervision processes, our clients can be sure that they are hiring qualified employees.


Professor placements

We provide two types of placement services: individual placement and group placement.

Individual professor placements

For individual professor placements, Quick Learning Group employees work directly for the client at its school or in its workplace.
Our professors are highly motivated and skilled at appropriating any new curriculum and dispensing it in a professional manner. They are well trained in the subject. Quick Learning Group provides them with continuing professional development sessions on a regular basis, as well as supervision, where needed. This assures us of better delivery of
the courses they are assigned in any new environment.

Group professor placements

By group placement, we mean a team of experienced professors sent by the Quick Learning Group to teach language training programs at levels A (beginner), B (intermediate) and C (advanced) in the client’s facilities. The Quick Learning Group can supply many teachers to perform the tasks required by a client, and ensures that the teaching is supervised and the language training is delivered properly.

If you are in need of qualified employees to teach second languages (French, English or others), our group placement service can save you time and money, since we can meet your workforce needs at affordable rates.


Quick Learning Group, we have assembled an elite faculty equipped with significant teaching resources to coach our learners in their language training. Our second-language teachers undergo a rigorous screening process punctuated by linguistic aptitude tests. All of them hold bachelor’s degrees in education, applied linguistics or a related field. Some hold master’s or doctoral degrees in fields related to adult training such as psychopedagogy or andragogy.

In addition to their core training, to ensure the quality of their instruction, the Quick Learning Group provides pre-service teacher training and continuing professional development to its second-language professors. This training keeps them up to speed on all aspects of language training and adult education.

In requesting our placement services, you will be joining a dynamic and professional team of second-language instructors. A team that has proven its value and constantly keeps up to date so that each learner can be offered an appropriate linguistic solution. We offer many advantages.


Quick Learning Group remains the employer of its staff. The

schools or businesses receiving our services pay the requisite professional fees in the form of contracts or subcontracts. We look after our employees’ compensation and all payroll deductions going to the Canada Revenue Agency. In this way you have the benefit of our advantages, allowing you to:

1. have access to a group of reliable and experienced employees;

2. have access to individual or group placements;
3. avoid bothering about source deductions (Canada Revenue);

4. avoid bothering about statutory and other holidays;

5. manage your business so as to be as cost-effective as possible;

6. profit from a qualified workforce at affordable rates;

7. profit from a workforce that respects your budget, your schedules

and your labour standards;

8. obtain high-quality service that is fully personalized, secure and


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