Transprof Group is a company that provides translation, interpretation, transcription and professional and administrative support services in various fields. We intend to position ourselves as a leader in linguistic and professional services at the international level. With that aim in mind, our reputation has become stronger over time thanks to the excellence of our services (quality, accuracy, confidentiality, customer satisfaction and on-time delivery). Our code of ethics is very strict. It is for all of these reasons that our clients respect us and continue to place their trust in us.



Our primary mission is to provide translation, interpretation, transcription and professional and administrative support services in various fields. In view of constantly growing customer demand, Transprof Group strives to better serve its clients with the quickest possible turnaround time. With this in mind, we are continually working to make our services more professional, more relevant and more personalized.


Our equipment

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve, innovate and achieve excellence. Our goal is to set our company apart in the modern languages and professional services sector by investing in equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Transprof Group is fully computerized. Personnel training is another of our ongoing concerns. We organize training workshops for all of our employees, to help them remain competitive and provide high-quality services to our customers.

Quality control

Transprof Group is committed to guaranteeing the excellence of the services it provides to its clients. To that end, we evaluate the quality of the service and performance of every translator, especially with regard to on-time delivery and quality of work.

Every translation is subjected to internal quality control. Project management (supervising of translators and interfacing with customers) and quality control are conducted in-house. A project manager directs each project to ensure that it is properly executed in accordance with our commitment to our customers and our quality criteria.

If, in order to meet a particular deadline, several translators have to work on portions of the same document, we promise to inform the customer of this. In such situations, the quality control carried out by our in-house revisers allows us to ensure that our pre-established linguistic, terminological and technical quality criteria are met.

 We are committed to respecting grammar, spelling, and the terminology, glossaries, style and particularities of each field. Every aspect of the text is meticulously checked to meet our clients’ requirements as closely as possible. Accuracy, clarity and faithfulness to the original text are our constant concerns. Our translators translate solely into their native languages and are specialized in one or more fields. Great attention is paid to each document before it is delivered to the customer.

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