Transprof Group aims to:


  1. serve as a springboard between Canada and emerging countries; 

  2. facilitate the selection of a larger number of promising international students;

  3. attract the best candidates from emerging countries, because sound selection is one way to reduce problems;

  4. increase the level of mobile internationalization of Canadian educational institutions. 


Choose Transprof Group now:


We provide recruitment and settlement services for international students who want to enrol in Canadian educational institutions.


We recruit the best international students to provide them with a more appropriate elementary, secondary and post-secondary educational framework. Many other critical services are also available to international students.  For their part, Canadian educational institutions are offered the chance to become more international and to extend their outreach to many countries. 


Our learning advisors visit emerging countries periodically on international student recruitment missions, basing themselves on the selection criteria of each educational institution to promote the best programs at Canadian schools, make a rigorous selection, and choose the best candidates for training. Transprof Group’s advisors focus on the quality and potential of each candidate rather than on the number of students enrolled.  Consequently, they administer certain tests before making a final decision.


Our recruitment process starts with the first contact and then moves through analysis of the file, admission, payment of tuition (for the first year) and finally full registration. Transprof Group Inc. acts as intermediary in all exchanges between candidates and educational institutions.


Consequences of low recruitment

According to one American study, secondary and post-secondary institutions that basically use traditional recruitment methods (e.g. website, participation in overseas student fairs or direct canvassing in schools) post a low rate of internationalization. It is therefore in their interest to make use of international student recruitment agencies.


Conversely, the same study shows that institutions that make use of student recruitment agencies, whose impact is now significant and growing, quickly increase their level of internationalization.

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